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Jayme Stayton

        Mayor Jayme Stayton has been elected for his second term as Mayor of Daleville. He attended Enterprise High School. He moved to Daleville when he was 14 years old. He has made Daleville his home for the last 22 years.


          After high school, Stayton went into the construction business and later went to work for the City of Daleville. Through his work with the City of Daleville, he gained much experience and understanding of local government. He also built a strong rapport with the citizens of the City of Daleville. This rapport has enabled him to understand many of the concerns of the citizens and the employees of the City of Daleville.


          Stayton has volunteered with the Daleville Fire and Rescue and was a Daleville Police Department Reserve officer. Stayton also served as a coach for a local tee ball team, a fast-pitch baseball team, and a basketball coach as well. Stayton was also a member of the Keep the Faith organization that feeds the homeless and a member of Green Peace. His love for his community is why he ran for mayor of the City of Daleville.


PO BOX 188
Daleville, AL 36322
(334) 598 - 2345

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