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Thursday Route Business & Street Names:

Industrial Park Complex
Industrial Blvd.
S. Allison Street
Lookout Street
S. Nancy
S. Catherine
Culpepper Park
S. Edith
Police Department
City Hall
Cultural Center
Sansbury Price Apt.
Williams Street
Simpson Dr.
Hargett Street
Michelle Ct.
Leigh Street
Peacock Dr.
Dee Court
Plaza Street
Oak Street
Hwy 134 (77)
Old Newton Rd
Holman Street
Hall Street
Donnell Blvd
Culpepper Street
Wells Street
Ennis Street
Daleville Apt
Fannie Morris Street (441-815)
Floral Delights
Northwood Plaza
Hwy 134 East
Eastridge Street
Oak Terrace
Bruer Rd
Tappel Street
Zimmer Street
DeMaria Street
Baxter Street
Pridemore Street
Green Street
Hwy 134 West
Tank Hill Rd
Hickory Tree Ln.
Edith Way
Elizabeth Lane
Robert C Barns Street
Brian Ct.
Lakeview Dr.

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