2021 Warhawk Players to Watch

2021 Warhawk Players to Watch

Daleville returns only a handful of players with starting experience – and many of those are still very young – and the majority of players that find themselves playing on Fridays this season will be either freshmen or sophomores. Many of those players were also thrown in the fire last season and head coach Will Garner hopes that experience – along with an offseason in the weight room and on the field – will help this young team grow up quickly.

Chris Page, So., Center: Page was forced to start as a freshman at one of the most difficult positions on either side of the line of scrimmage last season and his return to the lineup will add some valuable experience there.

“Chris has helped make us so much better this year,” Garner said. “Chris is a guy that started as a freshman last year and will start this year as a sophomore.”

The five-foot-9-inch, 200-pound Page provides a much-needed physicality to the offensive line.

“We expect big things out of him,” Garner said. “He’s physical and smart and he definitely anchors the offensive line for us.”

Zacorey Culver, So., Offensive Guard/Defensive Tackle: Culver is yet another Warhawk player that was thrown into the starting lineup as a freshman and has been one of the brightest spots on the team since Garner arrived.

“He’s been one of the biggest bright spots for me since I came in January,” Garner said. “Zacorey was a little heavy when we got here and hadn’t figured out the weight room yet and that has completely flipped.

“His body has changed and his mind has changed and he’s turned into our best lineman hands down. He will be a load on both sides of the ball.”

Culver will help anchor the interior of both lines as a guard on offense and defensive tackle on defense. During OTAs in the summer, Culver routinely found himself in the opposing offense’s backfield.

TJ Waller, So., Offensive Guard/Defensive Tackle: Waller is the newest Warhawk and Garner expects him to help anchor down the interior of both the offensive and defensive line alongside Page and Culver.

“TJ walking through the door made us a whole lot better immediately,” Garner said. “Not just because of how good of a football player he is but also how good of a kid he is.

“He’s a hard worker and one of the strongest kids we have in the weight room. He’s only a sophomore and with him and Zacorey anchoring things up front on both sides of the ball we’re in good shape for awhile there.”

Waller brings playing experience from his for

Daleville council talks emergency medical service

Daleville council talks emergency medical service

The best way to provide the citizens of Daleville with full time emergency rescue service was discussed at a second work session on the issue Aug. 16.

“We’ve been fortunate in Daleville over the years to have good (emergency rescue) volunteers, dedicated people who do a good job,” said Daleville City Councilman Allen Souders. “I didn’t realize until recently that we were in a position where we needed to go (full time) paid. I know there have been struggles back and forth over the years but I just wanted to say that our folks are good and have always responded to calls.”

Daleville Mayor Jayme Stayton agreed, adding that “minutes make a difference in someone living or dying” as a primary reason for striving to obtain emergency rescue service for the city seven days a week, 24 hours a day.

“The city of Daleville is growing and it is time for the city to have a full time rescue squad,” Stayton said at the work session Aug. 1. “We need a faster emergency response available for our citizens.”

Two possible options the city could consider were to outsource emergency rescue operations to a private company specializing in such. A second option was for the city of Daleville to incorporate the rescue service into a city department and employrescue staff as city employees.

At the Aug. 1 work session Daleville City Councilman Jimmy Monk, who is on the Daleville Rescue Board, and Daleville Department of Public Safety Assistant Chief David Grubbs, who supervises the emergency rescue volunteers, asked the council to consider hiring rescue staff as city employees with city benefits to include state retirement.

The two presented a preliminary plan of what making the squad a city department would cost the city and were asked by the mayor to come back to the council with a more detailed cost analysis.

At the Aug. 1 meeting Daleville City Attorney Henry Steagall said that he had been researching the issue of a potential agreement with Enterprise Rescue Inc.

Steagall said that the Daleville Rescue Squad has had some difficulty responding to calls in the last few months. “That is what has triggered these discussions,” he said. “As you are seeing, not just in Daleville but everywhere, you just don’t have the number of volunteers you used to.”

Enterprise Rescue is an employee owned, non-profit service operating 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It is a private company and not run by the city of Enterprise. The company provides Advanced Life Support for the cities of Level Plains, New Brockton, Elba and Enterprise and the surrounding communities.

At the work session Aug. 16, Enterprise Rescue Squad Capt. Anthony Cole outlined the services that his service with 85 employees, 10 ambulances

Presidents Day Trash Pickup

Presidents Day Trash Pickup

In observance of Presidents Day, City offices will be closed on

Monday February 15, 2021

The trash pick-up schedule will be as follows:

Monday's route on Tuesday

Tuesday's route on Wednesday

Wednesday's route on Thursday

Thursday's route on Friday

Thanksgiving Day Trash Schedule

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Thanksgiving Day Trash Schedule

Thanksgiving Day Trash Schedule will be as follows: Monday and Tuesday there is no change, Wednesday & Thursday will be picked up on Wednesday.  

Trick or Treat

Trick or Treat

This Halloween Trick or Treating will be from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm. If you wish to pass out candy, please make sure you leave your porch light on! We hope you all have a safe and Happy Halloween!

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