Hybrid Pro Wrestling holds championship bouts in Daleville

  • 19 September 2019
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Hybrid Pro Wrestling holds championship bouts in Daleville

Hybrid Pro Wrestling made its return to Daleville on Saturday, Sept. 7, and headlined its “Southern Brawl” event with a pair of championship matches.

In the semi-main event, AIWF Southern Junior Heavyweight Champion Logan Stevens fought to a time limit draw with challenger Slingshot Shaddox in a high-flying affair.

As the 10-mintue time limit drew closer and closer, the two junior heavyweights grew more desperate to pin the other. Finally, the bell rang and Stevens retained his title because of the draw.

Neither wrestler was satisfied with the outcome and Stevens offered to give Shaddox a rematch at next month’s Hybrid Pro event in Daleville, which Shaddox eagerly accepted.

In the main event, the first Hybrid Pro Heavyweight Champion Cali Man defended his title for the first time against “Mr. Roll Tide” Micahel Enfinger, a Dale County native.

After the pair went at it in a back-and-forth, physical match Cali Man decided he would rather lose via countout than risk losing his title since a championship can’t change hands on a draw, countout or disqualification.

Following the controversial finish to the main event, Hybrid Pro commissioner Scream announced that he was finalizing some “big news” and would announce it at Hybrid Pro’s return to Daleville on Oct. 5.

Scream started off the show by bringing out the tag team of Outspoken – Fatality and Don Yoder – and Scream questioned why Fatality attacked Ryan Phoenix last month when they teamed together.

Fatality said that Phoenix was a “loser” and that he always had been, and that he didn’t need another reason. Scream announced that Fatality would be forced to go one-on-one with Phoenix in the opening match and that Yoder would be banned from ringside.

Just as Phoenix came through the curtain to make his entrance, Fatality jumped him and continued to beat him down for several minutes. Despite having the upper hand for much of the match, Fatality was defeated when Phoenix connected with a Suplex/Neckbreaker combination.

Hybrid National Champion Cameron Thomas was initially expected to defend his title against rival Chase Stevens in their third match in Hybrid Pro, but for an unknown reason Evans never appeared for the match and Thomas was given a countout win.

Following the mysterious Evans no-show, Thomas grabbed a microphone and began to berate all of the fans at ringside, which saw the Daleville crowd shower him with boos and drown him out before leaving.

Next up, the monstrous Kaci Dillon defeated Mackenzie York in a hard-hitting women’s matchup, that saw York almost pull out the win with a Super Bomb off the top rope. Dillon was able to score the win, however, with a Chokeslam.

After the match, the villainous Street Bandit hit the ring and once again beat down York to continue their longstanding rivalry. That is, until York’s brother Alexander York came to her rescue.

Alexander York chased Bandit off and promised that if he ever touched Mackenzie York again he would pay.

In Triple Threat action, Don Yoder picked up a win against the high-flying Jay Impact and massive Johnny Chaos.

Street Bandit also fell to the charismatic Johnny Romano and the team of Stunt Marshall and Bubba Rage known as H8 Club fell to the Sick City Saints in tag team action.

Hybrid Pro will return to Daleville on Saturday, Oct. 5, at 7 p.m. in the VFW.


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