Club STEAM Powered students test rockets, egg drops

Club STEAM Powered students test rockets, egg drops
Rockets and egg drops were on the agenda at Club STEAM Powered on Wednesday, Sept. 12.

Club STEAM Powered introduces students to various subjects in science, technology, engineering, art and math.

During its recent meeting, students built rockets and tested designs for creations that would protect an egg from a fall.

The students used various materials to not only build and decorate their rockets, but also to create cases for eggs to protect them from a drop. Some of the materials used included plastic eggs, balloons and beans.

Each student created his or her own rocket. Each rocket was tested to see if it would fly farther or higher than others.

Eggs were also placed in the unique contraptions built by each student to see if the design would protect the egg from a fall of over five feet.

Club STEAM Powered was created by the DPL to further expose students to STEM and art.

According to a release from the DPL, the program, which is fully funded by the Wiregrass Foundation, is designed to "spur participants to use constructive investigative techniques and scientific reasoning that can be applied to everyday life. Participants will also be encouraged to use the common sense approaches necessary for navigating an increasingly complex world."

The program will place "an emphasis on group discussion, team building and individual concept exploration," the release said.

The library also purchased circuit kits, chain reaction kits, architectural kits and other necessary supplies to provide students with the tools needed for science experiments and art projects.

For more information about Club STEAM Powered, visit the library, located behind Daleville High School, at 308 Donnell Blvd.

740 S. Daleville Ave * Daleville, Alabama 36322 * 334.598.2345

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