Girl Scouts, VFW hold flag retirement ceremony

  • 13 November 2017
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Girl Scouts, VFW hold flag retirement ceremony
Girl Scout Troop 9027 in Daleville led a flag retirement ceremony with assistance from the Daleville VFW Post 6020 on Saturday, Nov 4.The Girl Scouts learned the importance of the flag, its history and more before the ceremony. During the ceremony, Troop members spoke about what they learned and thanked the flag for its service.Troop Leader Amanda McKnight said the girls were very excited to take part in the ceremony honoring the flag and its service."They were really happy about the flag (ceremony)," she said.McKnight also said that many family members of the Girl Scouts are active members of the VFW Post 6020 and were honored to be a part of the ceremony.Junior Mallory Crenshaw said it was important to know about the history of the flag."It is is important for us to learn about the flag because it's (important) to know about how people have died for us and to respect that," she said.She also said it was important to know how to treat the flag."(You need) to treat it with care, and you need to treat it with respect like you would do to something that was really special," she said.Junior Jade Ramatowski said she enjoyed taking part in the ceremony."I think it's really cool because to know about the history of my country, and I think that it's really important that you understand how lucky we are to be here," she said. "It's really important to know your background."She said it was important for the younger members to take part in the ceremony as well."It's important for them so they will have practice for when they get into the Junior stage and get to do things like this more often," she said. "Then, they can help the new Brownies and Daisies."According to Troop Leader Jennifer Leach, the Troop wanted to be more visual in the community. The Troop joined with the VFW to celebrate the flag and upcoming Veterans Day holiday."What better way than to partner with the VFW," she said.She said the Troop plans to work with the VFW on other projects in the future.

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