Council approves Title VI program

By Cassie Gibbs

  • 11 September 2015
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Council approves Title VI program
According to Senior Center Director Laura Leger, the Alabama Department of Transportation is requiring centers to create Title VI programs."A lot of it has to do with making sure we are correct in our handling of offering transportation to all races, religions and nationalities without prejudice," Leger said. "It's going to hold us accountable."The center is required to have discrimination notices posted in its vehicles and throughout the center where the public has access to them.She also did a census on the population of Daleville to show who uses the center's transportation services.According to Leger, Daleville has a population of 5,295 people, with 100 people that speak English less than very well."For the most part, it is English-speaking people," Leger said. "I think the other majority that did not speak English was more Hispanic than any other language. We also have several outlets in (the program) about how we can handle relating to people that might not speak English as well as other languages."The center was also required to develop a plan to help limited English-speaking people who use the center's transportation services.The council reviewed the city's budget for the 2016 Fiscal Year and discussed the city's capital outlay, which covers the budgets and projects of each department and the city's revenue.The budget will be reviewed and voted on at the final council meeting for the fiscal year on Tuesday, Sept. 15.
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