Big plays help Warhawks capture first win

By Andy Simmons

Big plays help Warhawks capture first win
"They're our leaders on our offense," Daleville coach Josh Parrish said of McNeal and Locke."This is their second year doing it, and I knew (McNeal) was going to have a big year."Both runs came in the third quarter. McNeal hit a 78-yard run at the beginning of the second half. He ran to the outside thanks to Ryan Warren's block, juked one defender and cut across the field.Locke's run came right after Charles Henderson put its first touchdown on the board. After Trojan running back Jared Wilson scored a 20-yard run, Locke responded with an 80-yard run on the option keeper, running up the middle untouched after he fooled the defense on the read option.Big plays are pivotal to the offensive success of the Warhawks, as small gains kept the defense off guard until the opening to spring the big one was available."That's what this offense is all about," Parrish said."(We) inch along and inch along until we bust a big one. If you watch the teams that run this offense on Saturdays, the college teams, that's how they approach it. You just wait for them to make a mistake and make them pay for it. Tonight we were able to make that happen."Daleville put the first points on the board after it was given such a short field to work with in the first quarter. McNeal punched in a 2-yard run to give the Warhawks a 6-0 advantage after the missed extra point.Charles Henderson was gaining momentum and was in scoring range until Riley Remple's sack pushed the Trojans back to the 38-yard line. A false start penalty pushed them even farther, and forced a punt.The punt pinned Daleville at its own 3. Locke was chased into his own end zone, where he was eventually tackled for a safety.Daleville got its second touchdown of the half just under the one-minute mark. Two costly Trojan penalties (a late hit on McNeal and a pass interference) put the Warhawks at the Trojan 42-yard line. Locke got to the outside on the ensuing play and was not going to be caught. Led by Jaylyn Hinton's block on the outside, Locke ran 42 yards for the score, putting Daleville up 13-2 at the half.Locke and McNeal combined for over 300 yards on the ground. Locke had 174, while McNeal had 145.Parrish did admit that at times the offense was a bit lackluster, but the way the defense locked down the Trojan attack, they were able to pick up the slack."Our goal always is to try and control the clock," Parrish said."That's always our goal, and tonight I felt like we didn't do a very good job of that. But man, our defense, they stepped up tonight and helped us out big time. That shows you that it's a much improved defense from last year. That's what we needed."As the game clock ticked down, the Warhawks decided to go with a two-back formation in order to kill the clock as much as possible."That's our overload set," Parrish said."We put an extra lineman in there and it gives some people fits. We get in that when we want to get some first downs."The Warhawk win was a step in the right direction, but Parrish was quick to downplay it, as there is still a long season ahead."There's nine more regular season games. Like we always say, we're getting ready for week 11," Parrish said."(It's a) stepping stone, but it showed our kids and gave them a lot of confidence that hopefully we can play with anybody."
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