The Great American Solar Eclipse comes to Daleville

The Great American Solar Eclipse comes to Daleville
Before the city was blanketed in rain and clouds on Monday, Aug. 21, the citizens of Daleville had an opportunity to see a once-in-a-lifetime cosmic event.The Great American Solar Eclipse is the first total eclipse seen in America in 99 years.The eclipse began around 9 a.m. around Lincoln, Ore.Lincoln Beach was the first point in the "line of totality," where the moon completely covered the sun. The eclipse ended near Charleston, S.C. around 2:45 p.m.The Wiregrass area only experienced about 87 percent coverage of the sun during the eclipse. That did not stop citizens and students in Daleville from experiencing it.Windham Elementary School livestreamed the solar eclipse throughout the day, allowing students to see the event safely from the classroom.Students were able to see the eclipse from cities around the nation.The Daleville Public Library also held a viewing party where hundreds of people from Daleville and surrounding areas came to see the eclipse. The eclipse was also live streamed.

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