Children learn about ’Scales and Tails’ at Daleville library

Children learn about ’Scales and Tails’ at Daleville library
Students taking part in the "Build a Better World" summer reading program at Daleville Public Library received a visit from some scaly and slimy friends on Wednesday, July 12.Animal Tales, an organization that aims to teach children about animals through live shows and programs, visited the library for its "Reptiles Scales and Tails" program.Children had the opportunity to meet a bullfrog named Jabba the Hut, a milksnake named Cornflake, a tortoise, a legless lizard and more.Animal Tales Naturalist Victorina Arvelo taught the children about snakes, each animal’s diet and where they call home.At the end of the program, Bob the boa constrictor and Donatello the tortoise were able to meet the children learning about them.

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