DPD’s first junior cadet class graduates

By Cassie Gibbs cgibbs@southeastsun.com

DPD’s first junior cadet class graduates
Twelve cadets made their mark in Daleville history after being the first class to graduate from the Daleville Police Department's Junior Academy on Thursday, June 29.The cadets studied different areas of public safety, including criminal patrol, traffic law enforcement, rescue operations, criminal investigations, first aid and more. The cadets' physical fitness was tested, and they met local and county law enforcement officials and first responders, such as the game warden and county sheriff.Academy Coordinator Lt. Stacey Austin said the cadets became "a team" during their time in the junior academy."For the first couple of days, we were unsure of what to expect and what we would expect from them, but as the first week had come to an end and they had become a team, they knew exactly what the term 'I've got your six' meant," he said.Austin said the instructors and cadets became like family over the two-week course despite the hard work."I think it's still safe to say we had fun and that they also learned how to relax and joke with us," he said.Mayor Jayme Stayton congratulated each cadet for their hard work and dedication to complete the department's first Junior Academy."I'm very proud of each and every one of you all," Stayton said. "Instead of sitting on the couch and playing video games, you came out here and joined this academy, and you finished it. You could have done many other things, but you took time out of your summer to come out here. It's a great accomplishment. It's something that you all should be proud of."Dale County Sheriff Wally Olson said the Junior Academy was a good program for not only the cadets and their families but also the community."Doing things like this in a community where we all pull together, we understand what law enforcement has to go through," he said. "These young men and young women, to have completed this program, it says so much for them. It says a lot for you, as parents, being there to support them while they go through something like this. It means a lot as a community to come together like this."He also congratulated the cadets on their accomplishments and completing the first junior academy for the DPD.Before presenting each cadet with their certificate of completion for the program, Austin also presented the Sharpshooter Award, the Physical Fitness Award and the Academic Award.Austin Hicks received the Sharpshooter and Physical Fitness Awards. Arin Danley received the Academic Award.Cadets from the first class of the DPD's Junior Academy were Alura Bakies, William "Will" Bass, Danley, Hicks, Bruce Austin Horne, Chase Horne, Rodney Hunter, Anthony Nash, Shakyra Pollard, Robert Tice, Ariel Timberlake and Hailey Wilson.
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