New city prosecutor appointed by council, former mayor appointed to Redevelopment Board

BY Jan Murray

  • 30 December 2016
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New city prosecutor appointed by council, former mayor appointed to Redevelopment Board
The Daleville City Council accepted the recommendation of Mayor Jayme Stayton to name Ozark attorney Nicholas Bull as the city prosecutor. He will replace Jason Brogden.Other board appointments were also made at the meeting.The mayor recommended current Water and Sewer Board member Patrick Sullen be reappointed for another term, but only Councilmen Marvin Wise and Alan Souders voted yay on that recommendation. Councilmen Scott Moore, Councilman Bobby Hardrick and Councilwoman Katheryne Horace voted nay. Horace then nominated Charles Tongret to the board after reviewing his resume. Hardrick seconded Moore. Horace, Moore and Hartrick voted yay, while Wise and Souders voted nay. Charles Tongret’s term on the board will begin in January. He is the brother of former mayor Claudia Wigglesworth. He will join Councilmen Moore and Wise, former councilman Bob Slagle and Joshua Robertson on the Water and Sewer corporate board.Horace also made comments to Wigglesworth’s knowledge and expertise in working in economic development and with “Design Alabama” after which the board unanimously approved her appointment to the Redevelopment Board. Councilman Hardrick nominated the former mayor and Councilman Wise seconded the motion and the measure passed unanimously. The other members of that board are Councilmen Moore and Souders, Billy Reed and Jody Britton.Councilman Hardrick nominated John Flournoy to be reappointed to the Planning Commission and that passed unanimously after a second by Councilman Moore. The Planning Commission is made up of Frank Moore, Mayor Stayton, Councilwoman Horace, Jo Reese, James Spears, Debbie McCall, Debra Latremore, Code Enforcement Officer Wayne Stripling and Flournoy.Mayor Stayton also recommended Yvonne Dixon, a current library board member, be reappointed and the council unanimously approved. Other members of that board are Barbara Davis, Kim Nichols and Leanne Mohler.The mayor asked that Councilman Hardrick be named the council representative on the city’s rescue squad board. That, too, was unanimously approved.Jan Robertson was unanimously approved to the city Tree Board. She joins Rita Moore, Lela Smith and Colvin Dixon.Linda Heffner was appointed to the Board of Adjustments.Several other openings on several boards are still available for citizens to submit resumes for consideration.In other business, the council paid $60,124.87 in bills, tabled a grant request from the Department of Public Safety and a resolution for a grant project for the Culpepper Park expansion.Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Nancy Garner proposed the city invest in an advertisement in a magazine that will well represent the city for four years and have a wide distribution, plus online access. The city took the matter under advisement.The next meeting will be Jan. 3 at 5:30 p.m. in the council chambers at city hall.
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