Doing the right thing gets DHS students recognition

BY Jan Murray

  • 21 December 2016
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Doing the right thing gets DHS students recognition
Perhaps recognizing students was something done in the past at Daleville High School, but it’s been a long while and at some point before the tenure of current Principal Joshua Robertson. He decided to change that this year and had the idea to recognize students who simply “do the right thing” on a daily basis.At the end of November, the DHS staff, faculty and administration nominated students they had observed or felt deserved special recognition and then discussed and analyzed all the nominees before making their choices. Two students were chosen, one from seventh and eighth grades and one from grades nine through 12.For the high school, Gage Bradberry was chosen and for the junior high, Tomara Hobdy.Hobdy said, “It means a lot to be selected. I am thankful the teachers chose me. I am striving to be selected again next year.” Bradberry was unavailable for comment due to a prior engagement.“We are just trying to show our students some appreciation for doing things the right way. It’s not something the students know the criteria for,” explained Robertson. “They are observed in the hallways, in class and other places on campus and at different activities…It’s what we’re looking for in the all-around student. This is our way to show appreciation to those students for doing things the right way.”Students will receive a certificate and recognized in the newspaper and maybe an end-of-year celebration before summer vacation for all the students of the month, said Robertson.The principal is enthusiastic about the new program that he hopes will encourage all students to simply be good and do the right thing in all instances, have good work ethics, drive to succeed and truly care about others, all which can and will lead to success not only in school, but in life.
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