Two judges will serve Daleville Municipal Court

BY Jan Murray

  • 15 December 2016
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Two judges will serve Daleville Municipal Court
During the regularly scheduled Daleville City Council meeting Dec. 6, members voted unanimously to appoint two attorneys as municipal court judges, rather than one. Under the previous administration, only one court judge, Joe Gallo, was appointed judge. Now, Gallo and former municipal judge Joe Adams will share the role of municipal judge.Salaries for the judges has not been determined as only a single judge was planned for in the current fiscal year budget. The mayor and council are expected to address the salaries at the next work session or city council meeting.The appointment of a city prosecutor was once again tabled as the administration seeks additional applicants for that position.Anthony Livingston was reappointed as the city’s public defender.It was noted during this meeting that multiple applications to serve on various city boards had been received before the council meeting, thus council members voted to table board appointments until the mayor and council can properly evaluate all of the applicants.Mayor Jayme Stayton appointed Michael Anderson to replace newly elected Councilman Bobby Hardrick on the Housing Authority Board, as regulations do not allow Hardrick to serve on the city council and the housing board simultaneously. Anderson’s term on the HA board will expire in 2019.Under new business, the council passed a resolution authorizing a special use permit for Verizon to modify equipment located at 843 N. Daleville Ave. Members passed a second resolution authorizing a special use permit for AT&T to modify their equipment at 386 Highway 134.A third resolution was passed making Dec. 23, the Friday before Christmas, a “diminished” day of business with department heads in charge of making sure there is minimal coverage and also that those who work that day would receive time off by or before Feb. 22, 2017 as department heads approve.Acting Director of the Department of Public Safety Bill Mansfield presented a request for the council to consider funding a 50/50 technology grant that will allow the department to “break into” electronic devices, such as cell phones, via special software that will make a carbon copy of information on such devices without corrupting the original evidence. Mansfield said the grant process had been started by previous DPS Director Harvey Mathis and is needed since the state lab is backlogged 24 months and a neighboring county with the ability to break into devices is also backlogged. Not being able to have possible evidence from the devices is causing a backlog of the department’s cases, he explained.Mansfield told the council that the system would cost $11,390, but the grant that has been awarded to the city should the council voted to accept it, will cover $6,391 of the total amount with the city covering the difference. The acting chief said, however, there would be an annual upgrade fee of about $1,900. Mayor Stayton recommended the council table the request for further consideration and the council voted to table.The next regularly scheduled city council meeting is Tuesday, Dec. 20, at 5:30 p.m. in the council chambers of city hall.
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