Daleville Sr. Center expands service area to unserved neighboring towns

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Daleville Sr. Center expands service area to unserved neighboring towns
“For as long as I've worked here, going on nine years, we have always served the citizens of Daleville as well as the outskirts of Clayhatchee and Level Plains. It was decided by our former mayor, Claudia Wigglesworth that as of Oct. 1, 2014 we would only serve the Daleville senior citizens that resided in the city limits,” stated Laura Leger, director of senior services in the city.Leger said she did not agree with that mayoral decision “because I knew that for many, our center was a huge part of their lives and it would affect their very way of living, especially our homebound clients.“At that time, we transported around 9-plus seniors from outside city limits to and from our center as well as delivered homebound meals to around 5+plus seniors. Of course this number varied over the years as we gained and lost seniors. At that time our total membership was around 68-70 active in-house members and 14-16 homebound clients.”Leger’s desire to reinstate services to the specific areas of Clayhatchee and Level Plains was addressed with newly elected Mayor Jayme Stayton who agreed with the need and authorized the center to begin servicing those areas again “immediately,” said Leger.Stayton said, “We are pleased to support our Daleville Senior Center in their efforts to reach out to the neighboring communities of Clayhatchee and Level Plains. Citizens of these communities, that we once serviced, have contacted our Senior Director, Laura Leger, requesting service be resumed. Pick-ups and meal deliveries will be provided once again.“This inclusion of surrounding communities benefits both the center, and its participants, maintaining a strong membership, regular meal service within SARCOA (South Alabama Regional Council On Aging) guidelines, promotes healthy and active seniors and fellowship among members.”The center is funded by the city and SARCOA.Currently, Leger said, the center is serving 49 active enrolled seniors and 10 homebound seniors. “Services provided by our center include transportation to and from the center, as well as taking them to the grocery store, pharmacy, bank, post office and Wal-Mart once a month and also to pay their bills, (such as) for electricity and water,” she said, adding, “We provide social activities here at the center, outings, engage with area agencies that provide different health and nutritional benefits and we serve a healthy, hot, well-balanced meal every day.”Leger said there is no cost to join the center and those interested only need to be age 55 or older. However, she explained, seniors must be at least age 60 in order to be qualified to eat a meal.“Younger seniors are welcome to come and participate in center activities and outings. To join, seniors simply need to come fill out an enrollment form and can call Laura Leger or Doddie Deloney at (334) 598-9197 or are welcome to come by the center, located at 18 Old Newton Rd. Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. until 3 p.m.,” said Leger, adding, “I would also like to include a personal note of thanks and appreciation to our current mayor, Jayme Stayton, for allowing us this opportunity to once again serve citizens in our surrounding areas. It warms my heart that as long as we have the means and ability, we will not have to turn away senior adults that have a need in their life.”
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