New mayor will walk into fiscally solid city government

BY Jan Murray

New mayor will walk into fiscally solid city government
In less than a month a new mayor will take the reins of government in Daleville and when mayor-elect Jayme Stayton steps into office, he will do so with a healthy fiscal budget. “The bottom line here we started the (fiscal) year with a balanced budget and we have revenue exceeding our expenses of $325,374…Not only is it because our revenue is up, but we’ve maintained our expenses, kept our expenses low.” During the Oct. 4 regular city council meeting, current Mayor Claudia Wigglesworth reported the strong positive fiscal figures indicating the city is on solid ground for the coming 2017 fiscal year. “The accountant said, ‘It’s been a very good year, financially, for the city of Daleville,’” stated Wigglesworth, who then highlighted multiple items to support that statement. With 11 months into the current fiscal year, she said ad valorem taxes are up $7,509 from the total budget amount of $235,000 for fiscal year 2016 “but the best news story is our gross receipts/sales tax revenue (budgeted $1,000,500)…with one month left, we’ve already taken in $2,220,494, an increase of $720,494 in this fiscal year over what we had budgeted for our revenue.” Business/Privilege license income for the city is “right on target,” said the mayor, adding the amount should exceed the budgeted $427,000 by the end of October. Wigglesworth said building permits are also in excess of the “mere $800” that had been budgeted. She said as of the end of September, building permits have topped $13,000, “so good things are happening here in the city of Daleville.” Wigglesworth said the increase in sales tax revenue directly led to an increase in income to the city school system. She said the school system was budgeted to receive $312,500, but with the revenue increase, “so far, year-to-date with one month left, they’ve received $455,258. So, they gained an additional $142,758 and I have no doubt that they can put that extra money to good use.” The mayor also noted that the $150,000 annual budget for emergency services provision has also been exceeded with $203,586 collected through September. In other business, the council approved a five-year contract for regional support and participation in the E911 system and the reappointment of Annie Dent to the city Housing Authority Board. Dent’s new term will expire in 2021. Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Nancy Garner told the council that the chamber will host a “meet and greet” for Stayton after he is sworn into office on Nov. 7. The event will be held at the chamber offices in the Cultural and Convention Center at 6 p.m. She also announced the Christmas parade date as Dec. 2. The next regularly scheduled council meeting is Oct. 18 at 5:30 p.m. in the council chamber of city hall.
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