No textbook shortage at Daleville High

BY Jan Murray

  • 8 September 2016
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Despite the late arrival of some textbooks at Daleville High School at the beginning of August, all needs have now been met and there is no shortage of textbooks, said Superintendent Dr. Diane Flournoy.Flournoy responded to questions after questions regarding a lack of needed textbooks was brought up during an Aug. 18 political forum. The school system’s textbook coordinator and city council member, Dr. Kathryne Horace, also addressed the concern at the forum.“Science books were on back order, however they arrived today (Aug. 31),” said Flournoy. “We have 492 students enrolled at Daleville High. All students have textbooks.” The superintendent and textbook coordinator explained that after the state (textbook) adoption, local school systems form local textbook committees. They said no textbooks can be used in the classroom unless it has been recommended by the local textbook committee and, upon the recommendation of the local superintendent, adopted by the local school board.During Fiscal Year 2015­2016, the local school system spent $84,662.35 on textbooks, said Flournoy and “this amount exceeded the states allocation of $57,048. The additional money was provided from federal programs and local unds.” With the move of many school systems to electronic books and tablet usage, Daleville schools is also making strides toward that for the near future. Chromebooks are already in use at Windham Elementary and the high school is working toward that, too.“We are currently working to improve the technology needed by teachers and students. Chromebooks for the teachers have been provided for their use at the high school in the classroom as well as laptop stations are available for students,” said the superintendent.
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