Water Board accepts mayor’s FY2017 budget recommendations

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  • 8 September 2016
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During the regularly scheduled Water Board meeting Aug. 16, Mayor Claudia Wigglesworth presented her recommendations for the 2017 fiscal year budget for the Water Department.Wigglesworth recommended the board reinstate step increases, which have been frozen for the current year, and approve expenditures for capital outlay and repairs totaling $254,845.The board approved all of the recommendations. The final budget for the city will not be approved until some time in September, thus the amounts are tentative.Wigglesworth suggested the board spend:*$30,000 to upgrade lift stations;*$49,300 to match an already approved Community Development Block Grant;*$90,000 to replace a six inch water main and pave the east end of Blackhawk Drive;*$9,000 for needed materials for the irrigation system for two new ball fields at Culpepper Park;*$8,595 to replace three eight inch meters at three water wells that are over 10 years old;*$52,550 to purchase spray injection patchers;*$12,000 or less to purchase a construction trailer to use as a lab to analyze water and wastewater samples;*$3,400 for an under the counter flake ice machine.Wigglesworth stated the goals for the coming fiscal year include continuing to assure safe, effective water and sewer distribution and collection; to continue responding to emergencies in a timely manner and standby calls on a 24-hour basis daily; to be proactive in identifying maintenance issues through continual preventative maintenance; to continue to provide expedient response to inquiries from the public in regards to public water or wastewater concerns; to ensure department personnel have the equipment and vehicles needed to make jobs as safe and efficient as possible; to have a positive working relationship with state and local agencies involved with water and wastewater systems; to support department personnel professional development through training, education and certification opportunities; to identify opportunities which allow efficient use of resources; to leverage technology to streamline operations and improve safety; to maintain records of facility and equipment maintenance; to support necessary other city departments; and to establish a plan for long range water and wastewater requirements.
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