Wiregrass Habitat for Humanity to build first home in Daleville

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Wiregrass Habitat for Humanity to build first home in Daleville
For 38-year-old Cara Cole of Daleville, having a house to call home has long been a dream, but now it’s almost a reality.Wiregrass Habitat for Humanity in Dothan has recently selected Cole and her two teenagers to be homeowners. A lot has been cleared and the 1,296 square foot home will soon be raised—the first Habitat for Humanity home in Daleville.The Cole family couldn’t be happier.“I am so excited to have a well built home that is safe for me and my kids.  It is like I will actually be living the American dream. A new home and a mortgage,” exclaimed Cole. “People do not understand the joy that I will have being able to have a home that can support our technology usage at the same time as the air conditioner being on. I look forward to lower electric bills.” Currently, the family resides in a trailer that has plenty of problems.“My current home has several problems. The electricity in the house trips quite often especially in the back of the house when too many things are plugged up,” explained Cole. “Walls need to be replaced on both sides and the framework needs to be redone as the wood is rotten, all the window frames need to be replaced, rotten, the front door frame is rotting.”The family current trailer home has multiple other issues, inside and out, and the Coles can hardly wait to get into their new home.A 1996 graduate of Enterprise High School, Cole has an associate’s degree in business from Western International University. She has four children, two of whom reside with her.Kainan Pouncy, 17; and sister, Kiarra Pouncy, 16; are students at Daleville High School and both are excited for the new house and proud of who their mother is and what she has done for them.Kiarra Pouncy said, “My mother is a hard working single parent and she deserves a place to come home to every night knowing that she won’t fall through the floor or not have hot water. I believe we deserve this house because we have been in the struggle before and we are all hard working. Growing up in this trailer hasn’t been the best but we made do with what we had even when it was six people in the house.”Kainan Pouncy said, “We would always have a lot of people in a small trailer which isn’t very comfortable. She (Mom) is a real go-getter; she tries to give us the best. I think this house is deserved because everyone in the household knows nothing comes easy and we all work hard at what we do.”The process of getting a house has been a long one. Cole first applied for a home in 2011 after hearing about a friend in the area who was selected for a home. In 2014 she finally was able to attend an information meeting held for those interested. She said she was finally approved on April 23, 2014. “I got the call that I was approved I remember I started to cry with joy,” she said. “Once I was approved I started attending educational classes about home ownership. Classes ranged from gardening to credit and financial courses.”The family must take an active role in the Habitat for Humanity program and in the process of their home build.“You need a total of 500 sweat hours. Some of the hours come from the kids making A's on their report cards,” explained Cole. “Other hours come from volunteering to build on other’s houses. I have also volunteered at different events held in Dothan.”The new home at 44 Myrtle St. will be built on a lot donated by a local family. “The lot was donated and I am thankful for their generous gift,” said Cole, adding she has made many selections for her new three bedroom, two bath house including silver vinyl siding and shutters in maroon.“I would really like a fence but I do not have extra money to build one. I heard lavender helps keeps the mosquitoes away and with it being heavily wooded behind my house I thought about planting lavender all around the outskirts of the lot,” Cole said excitedly.The single mom is also hoping for new beds for her children. “I would really like for the kids to have new beds with a new home. Hopefully someone can donate them. I am going to go to all the furniture stores around and ask if they will consider a donation.“I would like to thank God for my family’s blessing.”Anyone wishing to help with the Cole family’s build can contact Wiregrass Habitat for Humanity at (334) 792-8453 and/or help with in-kind donations of materials by visiting https://www.inkind.us/org/view/0149.The Cole family hopes to be in their new home by Thanksgiving.
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