Citizens pose questions at Town Hall meeting

BY Jan Murray

Grocery stores, recreation, aesthetics, annexation and safety at the high school were subjects broached by citizens last week at a Town Hall meeting in Daleville.The gathering was held Jan. 19, following the regularly scheduled city council meeting, in the Daleville Cultural and Convention Center. Citizens, department heads and council members heard Mayor Claudia Wigglesworth deliver the annual “State of the City” address before an open session was had for citizens to pose questions for city leaders.Before the question and answer time, Wigglesworth informed everyone that the city is strong financially and postured for success.One citizen thanked the city and the recreation department for simply making the playground area better for “little kids.” The mayor explained that the soft material that is under the swings had eroded a good bit and the swings were too high for small children so crews were able to lower the swings and make some other adjustments to take care of the situation.“What are we doing about cleaning up the city when coming out of the Rucker gate?” asked one lady. The mayor replied, “As mentioned earlier, one of the top priorities this year is the Planning Commission is working on the zoning ordinance…What we are doing is looking at our zoning ordinances to see if we can create what is called overlays…That would add different requirements in terms of aesthetics…That’s all going to be part of what the Planning Commission is doing…There will be public hearings on that.”A joint City Council-Planning Commission is set for 5:30 p.m. on Feb. 16 in the Council Chambers.“What would it take to get the Parrish Road community incorporated into the city limits?” asked a gentleman who lives on that road. “We have city police protection, city fire protection and city water,” he said. The mayor said no area has been annexed in her tenure as both a city councilwoman nor as mayor, thus she is completely unsure of annexation procedure. However, she said, she and her staff will look into the request.Councilman Scott Moore asked the man if there’s enough interest among the residents in that area. He said there was and he would be willing to volunteer his time to get whatever information is needed.Another gentleman asked about the possibility of a new grocery store coming to Daleville. The mayor informed the attendees that good news on that issue had been communicated at the City Council meeting just prior to the Town Hall gathering.“We are invested with the Ozark-Dale County Economic Development Corporation…There is going to be a fit for us (a grocery store),’ said Wigglesworth. “That’s the short answer. That is absolutely our number one priority, to get a second grocery store. I believe she (ODCEDC Executive Director Veronica Crock) said there are three potential national chains that are looking at Daleville…We are marketing ourselves as best we can.”A lady asked what is being done for security at the public schools, particularly the high school.Department of Public Safety Director Harvey Mathis responded and said, “We have a school resource officer and if he notices any particular trend or anything, he can call us at that time. We don’t try to overly swarm the school but we take the cues from the school staff, the principal if there are things they think are going to cause a problem…We will put extra officers there, if needed…We are there if they need us.”



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