Books are sweet at Windham Elementary

BY Jan Murray

Books are sweet at Windham Elementary
“Roses are red, violets are blue, books are sweet, and so are you!”That poem was on the invitation for grandparents to attend a grand breakfast this week as part of an annual book fair—themed “Books are Sweet”—at Windham Elementary School.To develop an excitement and love for reading is the goal for the librarian at WES. She turned her media center into a life-size Candy Land game board for this year’s Scholastic Book Fair to help create enthusiasm for reading. “My purpose is to make sure the kids enjoy the week and foster a love for reading,” said Christy Hixson, media specialist. “It’s exciting and inviting for the students and is more than just about selling books.”The Hasbro game has been a favorite among young children for generations and includes things such as Peppermint Forest, the Lagoon of Lord Licorice, Princess Frostine’s Ice Palace, King Kandy’s Castle, Gumdrop Mountain, Peanut Brittle House, Lollipop Forest, Chocolate Swamp, Ice Cream Sea and Candy Castle.  Hixson said each grade had a part in the decorations in the library, each designing and making the different lands and parts using skills learned in math and other subject areas.The fair began Monday and students now enter the library through a peppermint forest and proceed through the library/game board on a multi-colored walkway that mimics the real game board. Each day this week has a different theme to encourage participation by the students.Monday was Mr. Mint Monday. Students wore red and white like peppermints. The most creative attire won a free book. Tuesday was Rainbow Trail Tuesday with students wearing as many colors as they could. A grand breakfast was held with grand parents so they could shop the book fair, too.Today is Lollipop Woods Wednesday with all students receiving a lollipop if they purchase a book. Tomorrow is Throne Thursday and students are to dress in royal attire like game characters King Candy and Princess Frostine. The best costume wins  a free book for the student. From 4  until 6 p.m. entire families can shop the fair.  Favorite Friday, the last day of the book event, students will dress as their favorite Candy Land character, candy or land. The best costumed student in each grade will win a free book.Principal Christopher Mitten said he is proud of his entire staff for what they do to continually give the students the best education and experiences with things such as the book fair.“I’m very pleased. One of the things that we pride ourselves on is we do what’s best for the kids. The fact that we have a whole lot of people who go above and beyond to do what’s best for children is something that is not easily replicated. It’s something you can’t teach. It’s something you just have, a love for children,” he said, adding that he has pledged to take a pie in the face if the book fair reaches the goal of $13,000 in sales.


Peanut Acres was created by Windham Elementary School 6th graders as part of the annual book fair. This year the theme was based around the game Candy Land.

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