Council votes to apply for sidewalk expansion grant

By Jan Murray

Council votes to apply for sidewalk expansion grant
Alan Killen with the engineering firm explained the importance of requesting enough money and being ready to submit the grant application in the early part of the coming year. Killen said that after the project grant is funded the city has “up to two years to complete it.”The new project would link the sidewalks around Windham Elementary School and then west on County Road 114 as the primary project with Industrial Boulevard from Daleville Avenue to Lakeview Drive identified as an alternate, the mayor said.Two ongoing sidewalk projects from fiscal years 2013 and 2014 are nearing completion, adding sidewalk on the east side of Daleville Avenue and complete sidewalk on Donnell Boulevard. Additional sidewalk was also approved for Warhawk Drive. The 2014 project added sidewalk on the south side of Alabama Highway 134 from the Fennway gas station to Old Newton Road. There were three alternate additions to the 2014 project, the mayor said, adding that the city council’s acceptance of the lowest bid allowed the city to fund all three alternatives. Both of the current projects are expected to be completed by November and December respectively.“Alternate One took the project to Carroll Street. Alternate Two took the project to Old Newton Road and Alternate Three to Forrest Hill Road,” Wigglesworth said. The cost to Daleville for the two projects is $142,000. If the new grant is approved, estimated cost to the city will be $83,175. All the projects, current and projected, are funded through 80 percent federal dollars and 20 percent municipal dollars.In addition to sidewalk talk, the council voted to leave the court clerk’s pay hourly as opposed to making it salaried. The council approved the payment of bills totaling $71,341, heard City Clerk Angelia Filmore read the Mayor’s Proclamation for Red Ribbon Week, and tabled a motion to consider sealing the city’s municipal complex’s parking lots until estimates are clarified.
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