Daleville residents looking to kickstart booster club

By Andy Simmons asimmons@southeastsun.com

Daleville residents looking to kickstart booster club
The goal is to raise funds for the community center so it can provide more sports programs and offer more scholarships for students who can’t afford it.“The community center can't do fundraisers and such, but parents, we can. We can do fundraisers. We can donate money to the community center so they can offer more sports programs and offer more scholarships for students (who) can't afford it,” said Susan Rosetta, who is spearheading the campaign.“What we're trying to do is make it more accessible for all children in Daleville, and even the surrounding communities, (who) want to participate in sports that can't. We're trying to start a booster club to do fundraisers for the community center. Our goal is to get that up and going, and we just really need a lot of help. (We need) a lot of people to come to the meetings to join the club.”Rosetta’s motivation for creating this club can be found at the root, as she believes that providing sports for kids at this level is a unique experience they can benefit from.“My grandson loves playing basketball,” Rosetta said.“One of the ladies (who) is going to run for vice president of the booster club, she has been a volunteer basketball coach probably more than 10 years at the community center. The kids love her. They look up to her. You can't buy that. If we don't have that for our kids in our community where are they going to find these people who do this for them, who volunteer their time selflessly just to see them out their playing?”Rosetta said Daleville mayor Claudia Wigglesworth consented for the booster club in the early planning stages.“We thank her for allowing us to do this for our kids,” she said.Some fundraiser ideas which have already been tossed around by the upstart booster club include a color run, a poker run, car washes, barbecue plate sales or bake sales.Rosetta encourages any and all that are interested in this case to reach out to her to help make this project a reality.“We need as many people to show up as possible so we can get this thing off of the ground. We need members,” Rosetta said.“We need people (who) are willing to help the community out whether you have children, grandchildren or you don't have children at all. Our kids in the community, what we do for them reflects later on us. They'll remember that.”Those in search of more information or those who are interested in joining the club may contact Rosetta at (334) 498-1083, and leave a voicemail if there is no answer. Rosetta can also be reached by email atrosettasue@gmail.com.The Daleville Rec Center Boosters will have a booth at the Windham Fall Festival Oct.17, and the next meeting will be Oct. 22 at the community center.
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