Mayor declares POW/MIA day

By Cassie Gibbs

  • 17 September 2015
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Mayor declares POW/MIA day

In 2009, the Daleville Lovely Touch Gardening Club dedicated a memorial honoring POWs and MIA personnel."Americans are grateful of the sacrifices of heroes and of loved ones who may not know the fate of missing members of our armed forces," Wigglesworth said in the proclamation.State and local representatives of the Vietnam Veterans Association, leaders of the Daleville chapter of Veterans of Foreign Wars and the president of the garden club attended the event.Also in attendance was Retired United States Army Maj. Leo Suiter.Suiter enlisted in the Army in 1944 and fought in the Battle of the Bulge. A recipient of the Prisoner of War Medal, he was held at one of the largest prisoner-of-war camps during WWII, Stalag IV-B Mühlberg, until July 1945, when the Soviet Union took control of the camp.He retired from the military in 1966, but continued to be an active member of ex-prisoners of war groups.Wigglesworth said it is important to remember prisoners of war like Suiter and those who have not been found."It is appropriate to pay tribute to personnel who never returned from combat in distant lands, to those who suffered as prisoners of war and to all members of the military who have defended our country," Wigglesworth said.


Pictured, from left, ret. Maj. Leo Suiter, his grandson Sgt. Noah Suiter, Judge Advocate of VFW Post 6020 in Daleville John McNair, VVA State Council Treasurer James Sasnett, Mayor Claudia Wigglesworth, President of VVA 373 in Daleville Bobby Enfinger and President of the Daleville Lovely Touch Garden Club Lela Smith.

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